Games we used to play                   


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Penny for the Guy- do the kids today still  have bonfires and go around collecting for the Guy. Remember chucking tatties into the fire and eating them after the fire was out.

Bowler and Hook-  or as we used to call it a Booler and Hook, I remember we used to run for miles with these things. One thing for sure we didn’t need a bell to let anyone know we were coming, they were noisy.

 Hop Scotch or Itchybay or dabbers-  mark up the ground with a piece of chalk or slate, find a nice flat stone and you had yourself a game.

Kick the Tin- this game was best played at dusk, 

Tin Telephone- remember our first telephone, two tins tied together with a piece  of string

Finger or Thumb- any of you old lads remember playing this. Never could figure out how we kept score.

Top and Whip- the girls had us whipped at this, they could colour theirs better too.

Marbles- or as we used to call it Pop Alleys. Originally the marbles came out of the old pop bottles and alley was short for alabaster which some of the glass marbles were made out of. We would play pop alleys all of the way home from school rolling them along the dirty gutter trying to hit the other lads marble. Good way to get  your immunity built up.

Conkers- remember how much fun it was knocking down the seed pods from horse chestnut trees and getting your conkers on a string ready to beat all comers and getting your  knuckles rapped into the bargain.

Tiggy-had to chase and  tig somebody so that they would be it and then they had to chase and tig somebody back.

Freeze- don't think this was the name of the game but one kid stood with their back to the rest of us as we tried to move closer.  The kid would turn around suddenly and if anyone was caught moving they were out.  You had to freeze in place as soon as you saw the kid turning around.

Knocky nine doors-  this was tough on the littlest kids as they usually ended up running at the back of the pack of kids as they knocked on every ninth door.  Most kids couldn't count that fast when they were running and a lot of doors got knocked on.  So woe betide the last kid who was just passing a door as it opened.

Blocky- one kid counts to a hundred  while the rest hide.  Once the count is over he goes to find the other kids.

Remember the Tatie gun, I got mine at Woolworths.  It was only a small tin tube about 4 inches long and it came with a round metal rod to stick into the tube.  A far cry from the monsters they make today attached to compressed air tanks. Lots of tatie's lying around full of little holes after one of those games.

How about making a kite out of brown wrapping paper, rags for tailings and plenty of flour and water to glue it together. (Do you think the kids today would be able to make one like that) Remember sending a paper message up the kite string.

Anybody remember making a tank out of a wooden bobbin, a piece of candle, a matchstick  and a rubber band.

I decided to see if I could still  make one, it wasn't hard to find the candle and rubber band but finding a wooden bobbin took me awhile.  They are all plastic now at least over here in the states.

 Anyhow I got it done and it worked and to think we would play for hours with these bits of wood.

Everyone played Tiddlywinks, did you know that there is a movement afoot to include Tiddlywinks as part of the Olympic Games, I found this article :

"Would you believe tiddlywinks in the Olympics? Well, the grand old man of the high-level game, Dave “The Dragon Lockwood” hopes to convince Prince Philip to include tiddlywinks as a demonstration sport in the hometown 2012 Summer Olympic games. Turns out the prince is a tiddlywinks enthusiast, too."